How Digital Nomad Stephen Munson is Building a Community to Help People Reach their Greatest Self.


How Digital Nomad Stephen Munson is Building a Community to Help People Reach their Greatest Self.

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / January 9, 2020 / Digital Nomad and entrepreneur, Stephen Munson has transformed his life, and now wants to help people transform theirs. Having overcome sixteen years of addiction and a decade of being broke, hopeless, and even homeless. He began his business with just $1.71, and has now made over $1,000,000 in just two years. Heal WorldWide is a unique hands-on digital transformational company helping people become their greatest backed by phenomenal content, an amazing community and a digital nomad’s dream commerce engine. At Heal WorldWide, Stephen has helped 100,000’s of people create a transformation in their life and become their greatest.

Stephen has spent the last ten years as a full time digital nomad, struggling for eight years until his success. He traveled to over fifty countries helping digital nomads from all over the world, from ages twelve to eighty-two to set up their own remote business that is real and reliable. His desire to start his business came from the hunger to help others overcome physical, spiritual, emotional and financial battles. He also had a desire to travel and have a business that was real, reliable and remote.

His first real goal was to make $100 a day. He believed this would give him the ability to live a very simple life, afford a place to sleep that night, food, and access to wifi. This also helped him keep daily focuses on effort and results vs fantasy focused on $1,000,000 marker. Once he hit this goal he knew that the sky was the limit. Now earning $1,000 a day is a bad day and generating $10,000 a day is a common factor.

Being broke for over a decade, and starting a business with $1.71 with a credit score of 380 until he was thirty-eight years old, he sees money in a very unique way.

“Financial freedom is to not owe others to a point you feel burdened not blessed. Being able to seed into people daily, having the resources to build and create, earning income 365 days a year, and having currency in 3+ forms is financial freedom,” he says.

To Stephen, there is no competition but himself. He doesn’t entertain himself with doubts, fears, or limiting beliefs. He is always able to learn from others and keep growing. Being a CEO that is the face, the story, the artist, the creator all in one makes it more authentic. Being very raw and transparent. The number one thing he has that can’t be compared is his community.

“You can copy a system, a product, and a message but you can’t copy a community. The Heal Community is our #1 competitive advantage. This community is built on real-life stories such as my life and the birth of Heal. Our competition is hiring actors and we are helping our neighbors experience true transformation,” he shares.

Stephne is now working on publishing his book. He plans on raising a new generation by building better schools for the youth and providing digital nomad education, helping them find their mission and life’s purpose. Backed by faith-based principles, fundamentals of relationship, emotional mastery, and real world health, he wants to help transform the lives of youth. He also wants to help 1,000 families earn an additional $100,000 a year.

Stephen Munson continues to make progress on his life’s purpose by staying connected to his calling. Helping as many people as he can reach their maximum potential, all while building an amazing community of people that are all on the same path to success. Stephen has done a complete 180 change in his life, and now he’s helping others do the same.

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