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Do you want a remote business?

Yes, I Want a Remote Business. No, My Business is Running Smooth

Creating Your Remote Business

I started a business with $1 that generated over 1/2 million in 9 months. Let me tell you the back-story and #1 Business decision to make in 2019. Before this began I was sick, stressed, depressed, hopeless, and homeless without a dollar 💵.

Today marks the 12th year that I’ve been living the full-time laptop 💻 lifestyle. I’ve lived on the beaches of Hawaii, the mountains of Colorado and traveled to 80+ countries. In the last year, my business skyrocketed 🚀and my overall health, wealth, and happiness have reached their ultimate peak.

Just 4 years ago I was struggling in every sense of the word. Negative bank account, the phone was shut off, got an eviction notice, moved into my van, it blew up, got a tent and lived on the beach. My best friend suddenly died of cancer and my girlfriend and I had a horrible breakup.

I got really sick, It was very hard to sleep and I’d hit a dark wall. Everyone was worried about me because I had posted a photo of how I looked, deleted my social media accounts and pulled away from everything.

It must be a miracle I am here today and during my success, I’ve noticed that most people want to have this type of lifestyle and feel like it’s impossible. Over the past year, I’ve gone to 15 countries including Portugal, Italy, Holland, Greece, Israel, Budapest, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, now living in Thailand.

I am inspired to help my friends have the same lifestyle I have with time freedom, a real remote business, and a powerful timeless personal brand. This is the best job in 2019 and beyond.

I am going to exactly what to do.
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Here is what I learned

3 Biggest Mistakes:
1. Seeking acceptance from everyone.
2. Waiting for the perfect time to start.
3. Not building my personal brand.

3 Best Decisions:
1. Starting a remote business
2. Building My Personal Brand.
3. Finding Great Mentors

Your World Traveler Friend,
Stephen Munson